This introductory video explains what Integrative Bodywork is all about and the core philosophies that guide us.
Integrative Bodyworker Jonathan C. Primack, LMT shows a unique approach to passively stretching the upper trapzius and levator scapulae muscles.

Structural Integrator Alex Susbauer provides an overview of techniques focused on the Subscapularis, an often overlooked muscle of the rotator cuff. See how you can integrate post-isometric relaxation pin and stretch lengthening fascial release trigger point and muscle energy techniques to release the Subscapularis.

Integrative Bodyworker Jonathan C. Primack, LMT shows how to "log roll" the femur, a useful release for laterally rotated femurs, facilitated muscles and adhered fascia of the thigh.

Alex Susbauer explores Integrative Bodywork for the Quadratus Lumborum muscle while the client is seated. This technique allows for freeing the fascia of the QL and client reeducation and movement exploration in the process.