Alex Susbauer & Jonathan Primack

Alex Susbauer & Jonathan Primack

Integration Nation Bodywork is Alex Susbauer, BA, BCSI, LMT and Jonathan Primack, BA, LMT.

Jonathan's Bio

Studying the human body through the lens of a bodyworkers eye for the last fifteen years has been a continuous journey of learning, practicing, and teaching. Everyday requires commitment, hard work, and an honest and impeccable level of integrity. The opportunity to be a bodyworker and an instructor is an honor and a privilege and with each client and each student my motivation comes from the recognition of such said privilege.

I was born and raised in New York and have been living in Portland Oregon since the very late 90’s. I have a thriving bodywork practice that is based heavily in the ideas of spatial relationships throughout the musculoskeletal system and a structural approach to manual therapy. I regularly work with students teaching both on the collegiate level and in the field of continuing education. 

As a treatment based bodyworker I believe that we hold a truly significant place in the health care community and my goal is to slowly shift the paradigm of what we as soft tissue specialists are capable of and recognized for.  

You simply can not imagine how much fulfillment I have received through working with so many wonderful clients and students. Each of them has given me a chance to learn more about my craft as a bodyworker and myself as a human being. Learning and practicing bodywork is truly a life’s endeavor and I have so much still to learn. The opportunity to share a viable approach and philosophy, and have adirect effect in the bodywork community is a far far greater feeling then I am capable of putting into words. 

Simply stated … making the decision to enter the field of bodywork has been the best decision I have ever made.

Alex's Bio

While competitive swimming at Whitman College, a biceps tendonitis injury sent me down the path to studying the human body, which led to a chance encounter with triggger point massage and yoga. I found I had a knack for finding tender spots and a deep interest in how the human body is built and moves. I graduated from and started teaching at East West College in 2001. In 2005 I studied Thai massage at ITM in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A chance encounter led me in 2008 to receive two sessions of Rolfing™ that completely changed the functioning and position of my chest, hips and feet. I knew as I walked effortlessly away from those sessions that this was the path I needed to be exploring for myself and for my practice. I spent three years researching anything I could find about Structural Integration--discovering in the process the works of Jeff Maitland, Erik Dalton and Tom Myers--culminating in my graduation from the KMI program of Structual Integration in 2011.

My practice focuses on helping my clients move more easily and function more optimally in their structures, whether that is in a Structural Integration series or not. The more I work with my clients and with my students the more I marvel at how complex, amazing and interconnected our human structure is. I believe that bodywork can play an incredible role in helping people step back from the aches & pains and pressures of daily life and injuries both new & old. I believe that through Integrative Bodywork we can come to a better understanding of ourselves and become more at peace with our bodies.

I live and practice in Portland, OR where I live with my wife, daughter, two dogs and two rabbits. Free time will usually find me hanging out with the family, working in my dad’s woodshop, playing disc golf, screenprinting or playing music.